Cloud Services is Hard. A New NZ Cloud Hosting Solution Makes it Easy.

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Making Cloud Services Easy in NZ with Plan B's Cloud.Local

October 22, 20213 min read

You know that Cloud is the future, but you also know that getting there isn’t so easy.

Or cheap.

We are living in the age of data where information is such an important asset; and how businesses use and manage that data defines their success. That’s where Cloud comes in. Cloud moves you away from worrying about how you are managing your data, software, and applications in-house, and lets you focus on running your business instead. Your data can be accessed anytime, anywhere, which is why it’s such an attractive solution for most businesses.

Although Cloud technology has become more common and is being considered by many businesses, some just don’t try it at all. Why is that?

They’ve been using the same onsite server for years

Many businesses built their applications and software years ago on an onsite server and are just plain used to it. They aren’t convinced that moving to the cloud could benefit the company or make any significant improvements. And they also have a team of IT guys who maintain it. This is one of the most common reasons why businesses haven’t migrated.

Migrating applications, especially legacy applications, is difficult and time-consuming

Businesses often worry that moving their legacy applications to the Cloud will create more problems. The truth is that many legacy applications aren’t designed for the cloud and won’t function without significant modifications to the code and infrastructure. Simply shifting an old app to the Cloud without modification can introduce risk and can be more expensive. Transferring years of collected data is also inherently risky.

Some just don’t trust cloud data security

Some companies think that data in the cloud is less secure than local data hosting. Running an in-house server gives businesses a sense of control and security. Knowing where your data is, is important.

Not knowing which cloud service to use

Businesses can get overwhelmed by the number of cloud solutions.

Plan B’s Cloud.Local is a locally-based NZ cloud hosting solution designed to overcome these issues by hosting new and legacy applications to keep the business running. Cloud.Local eliminates the maintenance costs of traditional in-house servers and gives the flexibility to scale the business at low cost. Plus, Cloud.Local is backed by a team of cloud expert engineers ready to take on any problem encountered should they arise before, during, and after the migration process.

How can you benefit from Cloud.Local?

  • High Reliability and Efficiency - Cloud.Local hosts your business data, applications, and processes in a NZ based cloud, meaning the data centre is within New Zealand’s borders, enabling systems to work quickly in a secure NZ zone

  • Migration Services - You get 24/7 support from our team of expert engineers who built the platform, are based in New Zealand and will resolve issues quickly, reducing risk and downtime.

  • Maximum Safety - Cloud.Local is backed up by Plan B’s years of experience in data protection. It has also been independently tested to meet stringent international security standards.

  • Hyper Connected - Cloud is not just one provider but a combination of multiple cloud providers. Through Plan B’s broad connectivity capability, your applications and data on Cloud.Local can easily be connected to your other cloud environments such as Azure and AWS.

Migrating to the cloud may be daunting and complicated, but it is also a strategic way of saving resources and maintaining productivity. It will bring large businesses flexibility and agility to any sized organisation, which are important factors to stay relevant and resilient today. Let Cloud.Local take care of the hard work and ensure a seamless way of moving up in the Cloud.

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The Team at Cloud.Local

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Outsource your headaches, focus on your business

2021 Plan B. All Rights Reserved. Privacy Policy.